One of my older, and most-commented posts, is my review of the handheld bootleg Power Player portable Nintendo 76,000-in-on game machine. One of the names for it was “Power Player Super Joy III” and was Banned by Nintendo But look, the Power Kracker was just spotted at a flea market!Our original review was even linked on Wikipedia! Shortly thereafter, Nintendo put the smackdown on mall vendors selling this little doohickey from China, and I never saw one again.

The Power Kracker, as spotted in a flea market

The Power Kracker, as spotted in a flea market

But just last week at a local flea market, I saw not one, but three booths selling a new generation of the Power Player, called “Power Kracker.”

Has anyone else seen one?

The price varied, as flea markets tend to do, from booth to booth. But the average cost was $25. Not bad, considering the Power Player sold for around $40 back at the peak of popularity.

A vendor has one hooked up to a TV so I gave it a few seconds of play, but didn’t buy one.

It seemed the same, with the same thousands of crappy games with different names, just with different controllers.

This new model seemed to have both player 1 and 2 handsets styled as Sega Genesis controllers. Other than that, it seemed the same.

I am sure there are major differences, it has been several years.

Do you have the Power Kracker? Share some details, please leave a comment!