It was a sad day, the day Trackback died.

I thought it was true, then Sol confirmed it.

The morning I awoke to 200+ Trackback pings to some of the worst sounding crap web sites ever, I knew it was over. Then the next day, 100 more. The nails were going into the coffin.

I should have seen it coming. Trackback and I had a lot of fun back in tha day. Back when the “Monday Mission” was alive and thriving. But when it came time to “pull the plug” on the MM, Trackback still tried to limp along with the little lifeforce it had left.

Oh, I’d get the occasional ping here and there. More often than not though, it would be a ping from someone’s old post, re-pinging me due to them doing full MT rebuild. But for the most part, Trackback was silent. Then came the spammers.

Apparently MT-Blacklist was doing its job too well. Another way to bombard my blog had to be found. Trackback was the answer. Moderated comments/pings the solution? No, I do not have the time nor the desire. This is a hobby, I do not need it to become a chore, and deleting comment spam is a chore I detest with a passion like none other.

Too bad. I’d like to say it was fun while it lasted, but for this blog, it never really gained me much. Other than during the heyday of the MM, it wasn’t used. I suppose it was just hard to let go.

Goodbye Trackback, you tried, you really, really tried.

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