Today we take on Lance’s “Chip Thunder – Stormy Salt & Vinegar Rumble Potato Chips.”

And my first thought is WOWSERS! These chips knocked my socks off! First off, lots and lots of salt! It was all over my hand just from sticking it inside the bag. And after eating one, I was licking it off my fingers there was so much. And the Vinegar flavor was right on target. While I would have liked this in the Kettle chip form (like the Cape Cod recently reviewed), I can’t complain too much.

The sour factor was in full effect. My mouth was watering as soon as I taseted one. It reminded me of the flavor that Lay’s S&V chips had about 6 years ago before they wussed out and sweetened it up.

Good overall flavor and much salty-ness. This flava is what all S&V chips should strive to attain!

9 Finger Licks out of 10 for Lance’s Stormy Salt & Vinegar

Do you know of a brand I need to review? If I haven’t already tried it, let me know!