Recently, while in New Orleans, I was on the lookout for new Salt & Vinegar chips to try, taste and review. Not sure why I thought there would be new varieties in NOLO, because there weren’t many at all (plenty of Cajun flavors, of course!). However, I did run across Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Style Salt & Vinegar chips (wow, now THAT is a mouthful of a name!)

Read on for the full review…

Salt & Vinegar Zapp's New Orleans Kettle Chips

Salt & Vinegar Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Chips

First off, the Zapp’s brand is very well-known, not just in New Orleans, but all over. I have never tried their chips though, so this was a new experience for me. As far as the “Kettle” style goes, I am a big fan.

For me, Salt & Vinegar (S&V) need a thick, hearty chip. Because when you are having the Pavlovian salivary reaction, you need to bite down on something firm (not a cheek!).

The flavor of the S&V is very good. The salt-to-chip ratio is perfect – plenty of salt left on your fingers to lick off.

The kick from the vinegar is there, but not too overpowering. While I think it could use a little more vinegar punch, I was happy with the level Zapp’s used.

Overall, I’d rate Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Style Salt & Vinegar chips pretty high due to the hearty crunch and generous salt ration –  but I still want more of a vinegar punch.

Rating: 8 Finger Licks out of 10 for Zapp’s New Orleans Kettle Style Salt & Vinegar chips