I have just started the C25K program (go here for an explanation) and since I have an iPod Touch, I really wanted a great podcast of awesome music to push me forward.

Except, while there are some great C25K podcasts out there, no one has all the music I want to hear (well of course, we all like our own music). So, I opted to make my own podcast. Well, podcast may not be accurate, since I am not offering them for download (due to the whole music licensing issue).

Here’s How You Can Create Your Own C25K Podcast:

1) Get an Audio Editing program, with layered tracks.

My favorite program for making audio edits is Sony Vegas, which is more of a video editing program (but works with MP3s too). However, it is pretty expensive. Audacity is a nice, free option.

For Mac, you can also use Audacity, or even Garage Band. But my new Favorite is MixPad. It is a lot like Vegas (multi-layered audio tracks, easy to bring down audio on individual tracks if needed) and has a generous free trial.

2) Grab C25K running cues in MP3.

For the running cues, I’d recommend these text-to-speech MP3 tracks. I found weeks 5 and 6 confusing, so I re-edited those. But otherwise, they are excellent.

3) Convert your favorite power songs to MP3.

4) Create a new audio project for each week.

As you open your audio editing program, first add the running cue for Week 01 (for example). Then, on another track, add in your first MP3 power song. Keep adding songs until you reach the end of the audio cues.

For week 01, you may want to just lay in a few songs and call it good. I pushed myself to change songs for every :60 run and :90 walk (with tempos to match), so it took a LOT longer than most would want to spend on it.

As the weeks go on, you have more song and less walking, so you might want to try my method on later weeks.

Here is a screenshot of my MixPad project for week 01.

screenshot of MixPad project

Week 01 Run as produced in MixPad

5) Export your project to MP3

This is pretty simple, most programs have a “Save As” or “Export Project As” menu option.

6) Add your tracks to iTunes (or your music manager software of choice).

For mine tracks, I dragged them into iTunes, right clicked and picked “Get info” and set the File names and other options.

Note: On “Get Info” be sure to go to “Options” and select “Remember Playback Position.” That way, if you need to start the track again, you won’t lose your place.

7) Add tracks to a Playlist and sync with your iPod (or music player of choice).

If you use Nike+ or some other C25K app to track your progress, they often allow you to pick a playlist. This makes it easy to select your C25K music for the soundtrack.

Note: Be sure to disable the app’s built-in audio cues if you prefer to use your own – that would get very confusing!

8) Get Running!

I hope this guide has helped. I know it is very rudimentary, and doesn’t step through every phase of each step. But, it is exactly how I do mine and they ALWAYS have the music I like when I do it this way! :)