I had the chance to see the new movie of the musical “Hairspray.”

It was really wonderful. So, I thought it was worth featuring the soundtrack as a personal recommendation (keeping in mind, I’ve never seen the stage version).

And just so you know where my music tastes are, I also like The Music Man (the original, not the Matthew Broderick version), Little Shop of Horrors (the movie) and Moulin Rouge (which had not one, but two soundtracks – well three if you count the collector’s edition).

I will caution you though, avoid the “Sing Along” version of Hairspray, at least the 1st time you see it. We saw that one (only one showing when we could go) and I found the words on the screen way too disrtracting.

Anyway, check out Hairspray – the movie. It’s a lot of fun!