Much like the music from the “Solaris” trailer from a few years ago, I just love thebient piano music in the new Sharp Aquos commercials.

The commercials begins with everyday people going through life with closed eyes. The idea being that the Sharp Aquos Liquid Crystal television will show you there is so much more to see in life.

I have not seen the entire commercial online (see below), but you can hear the first few bars of the music on the More To See website.

My gut tells me this is a piece of “Production Music” that is not available for purchase by the public. Either that, or it was created just for this commercial.

Still, it is a great commercial and if I find out more about the music, I will post it here.

Thanks to a comment from Terry, we have some answers. (And I learned that this is not a new piece of music, folks have been looking for it since last year – ooohkay, I’m a little slow)

The song from the Aquos commercial is from Jonathan Elias called More to See. Thanks Terry!

Indeed, this is 100% correct. Jonathan Elias is “a composer and record producer, known for his movie soundtracks, production for several pop and rock acts, and his award-winning advertising music.” – via

As the name implies “More To See” was created just for Sharp to use in commercials. So, the chance that you or I can buy it are slim. But since Elias’ company, Elias Arts, has a blog, we could always leave a comment politely asking about being able to buy this tune. Maybe Sharp would allow it. Worth asking, anyhow. Right? I’d hope for a longer version though, 60 seconds just isn’t enough.

Thanks to Duncan’s TV Ad Land posting a very detailed article on this commercial, I can point you to the full commercial download online in Quicktime here and here.

If you love commercials, be sure to spend some time at Duncan’s site.

ALSO, I just received this question from PJ:


I have been on a hunt for the music in one of the sharp commercials, a long time now. During my search read of them possibly using an agency other than Elias Arts, name starts with an O.

The piece I looking for is used on the commercial featuring slides of the John Hopkins Hospital, Walt Disney Concert Hall, The Lincoln Memorial and the Rose Bowl. Please hear it by going to “” Click on the skip button at the top right. On the next page at the far right, click on the brown thumbnail icon under Media Advertising.

Whilst reading that others were seeking “More To See” on the AdTunes forum, there was a post about the “other” music used in Aquos commercials. A reader suggested that the music might be “Move” on “American River” also by Jonathan Elias. He did the current music, chances are he did the other music too. I sampled it, and both tunes have some backwards parts, could be the one. Listen to a sample and let me know if it might be the one you want, ok PJ?

And remember, maybe we can ask on their blog for a release of these songs via iTunes.

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