Recently released Hacker Kevin Mitnick’s new book, “The Art of Deception,” is out, but it is missing Chapter One. Ironically, you can find the censored First Chapter online. Thanks to Wired I suggest that the best place to start your search would be at his Girlfriend’s website. Wired has another article on the genesis of the book you might enjoy.


And in reply to all those who have contacted me (and no one in particular)….yes, yes, a thousand times yes, the link to is a joke! I am not a member of the site nor am I recommending it. It is naughty, verrrry naughty. Certainly no place for a Christian like me. (rolls eyes)

This is a blog, I post unusual things. Sheesh, if you don’t “get it” then bugger off. A Simply Red song comes to mind….

“If you don’t know me by now
You will never never never know me”